Are you aware that you can actually customize your material properties inside SolidWorks? As known, SolidWorks already has a library of standard materials. Now, let say you also have your own property library that you get from your customer/vendor, thus you want to use it as the material properties for your modeling. This is not a problem, you can always customize your library to fulfill this need. Now, I will show you how to make this, it is really simple!
1. Open SolidWorks, then open a new Part. Right click At the Material and select Edit Material.

2. Now, you select the type of materials that you want to customize. In my example over here, I want to customize the ABS inside the SolidWorks Materials (folder)> Plastic (folder)> ABS. Copy the selected materials using Right Click> Copy.

3. Close the Window and now select the Custom Material (folder). Expand the folder. Paste the ABS material inside the Plastic Category.

4. Click on the ABS and rename to ABS Molded. You can now change the properties of your material. Shown below are the screen shot of how I changed the Yield Stress values and make my custom specific properties.

Warhamni ( a.k.a 我爱你 (i love you),she is the trainer for CADCAM training centre, SolidWorks Authorized training centre. Although she join the team late but trust me, she’s good in ‘playing’ SolidWorks and a fast learner. She can easily answer you in no time, with her lighting speed Kawasaki.