SOLIDWORKS enables you to create compelling animation of AVI video files by using the animation features. With this tool, it allows you to communicate design concepts and collaborate more effectively. No special expertise is required to use SOLIDWORKS Animation feature which is available in all SOLIDWORKS packages.

For this article, I will talk about one of the SOLIDWORKS Animation capabilities which are using camera views to showcase your model or design with cinematic motion and animation.

When it comes to animation with camera views, it is usually used for industrial floor plan design or large models. Which, you can utilize this tool to simulate how it is to view the floor plan or the model as you are looking at it in person.

When creating animation in SOLIDWORK, there are several tools or criteria to control, in order to create a good quality cinematic animation:

  1. Control Key point in the timeline
  2. Adjusting your camera views (either in Cartesian coordinate or following a reference path).

Check out this video as it demonstrates how easy it is to start creating animation of your model using camera views.



– John Foi, Application Engineer, IME Technology Sdn Bhd