SOLIDWORKS Composer is a standalone software where you can repurpose your 3D CAD engineering model for creating technical publication, graphical content, interactive document and animation to explain processes and procedures in captivating and attractive way. You can create your own technical documentation with the ease and one without engineering background also can using it without hassle.

For this article, I will talk about one of the SOLIDWORKS Composer capabilities which is to create animation video.

When it comes to your assemblies, most of the time you need to showing how it is put together and how it functions. A proper instruction needs to follow and clarify inside the animation to explain those important steps. Creating complete animation in SOLIDWORKS can sometimes be time-consuming and tedious due to limitation tools set available.  With SolidWorks Composer, creating complex animation is super easy.

When creating animation in SOLIDWORKS Composer, there is a several methods to operate and manipulate our 3D modelling to designate area and location which is by using:

  1. Control key set basic timeline
  2. Using Animation Library
  • Import the exploded view direct from SOLIDWORKS

Check out the video to shown how easy to create animation video using SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Creating animations in SOLIDWORKS Composer is a super simple process. Simply set the starting state and drag your component as your desired and set you ending state into timeline. Watch as SOLIDWORKS Composer do the magic by connect all the dots and create a fluid animation. You can manage high degree of detail by includes parts, labels, the digger, measurements and many more into your animation to showcase all aspect of your assembly.

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