DraftSight has released its latest packages and licenses and the biggest change is the fact that it will not be available as a free version anymore.

But we’re not here to worry you about the prices. Instead, we will now tell you why DraftSight should be in your bucket list and how it is worth every single penny of yours!

DraftSight has a number of different licenses, and we know it is such a headache to figure out which one is the best for you and your organisation. Let us list down all the licenses for your references below:

  • DraftSight Standard
  • DraftSight Professional
  • DraftSight Premium
  • DraftSight Enterprise
  • DraftSight Enterprise Plus

DraftSight Standard is the most basic package for DraftSight. It has all of the essential features of the program and is suitable for 2D CAD drafters with an easy and straight-forward user interface and all the fundamental tools needed for 2D drawing.

For other licenses other than Standard, they are the recommended packages and most affordable ones if you know of its features and benefits. These licenses are suitable for companies, designers, manufacturers or casual hobbyists.

But for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus licenses, there are a few features that make us strongly recommend this for you and your organisation.

The DraftSight Enterprise license provides the same number of features and capabilities as the DraftSight Professional license. That includes a comprehensive toolbox, and a number of features such as batch printing, drawing compare, G-Code Generator and much more which are not available in DraftSight Standard.

But the reason why the Enterprise licenses are very much recommended to you is because unlike the Professional license, Enterprise is actually a network license. Similar to SOLIDWORKS network license, that means that your organisation will be able to float the license on the network. By floating a license, instead of locking a single license to a single computer and user, you can increase the uptime of using the license by sharing it across multiple computers and users automatically.

With a network license, you are also entitled to deployment wizard which enable large groups of users to install or upgrade DraftSight. That just saves at least 80% of your time.

The main selling point of DraftSight is actually the Community Resources. This means, almost all the solutions to your problems and questions are already up on the online forums if you search it up. You will be just a click away from them.

With an Enterprise license, your organisation will be able to enjoy full technical support from IME Technical Support Team. We are ready to answer your questions or troubleshoot issues related to DraftSight. This technical support is only available for Enterprise and Enterprise Plus license.

The Plus variation of the Enterprise license has all of what was mentioned plus additional features which are 3D Modelling Tools and 2D Constraints.

3D Modelling Tools in Enterprise Plus introduces 3D modelling using basic geometrical shapes (ex. Box, Pyramid) or other methods (ex. Extrude, Evolve) with Boolean operations (ex. Union, Subtract).

For 2D Constraints feature, you can control your drawing entities parametrically by specifying geometrical and dimensional properties of your entities.

These are just a glimpse into DraftSight features and the list goes on and on! Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a quotation or you can try DraftSight for free with the 30-day trial period and see which package works best for you.

In conclusion, IME really recommends you to purchase DraftSight Enterprise and DraftSight Enterprise Plus. This is because they are actually cost effective and convenient if you look at the bigger picture.  You will get FREE technical support during your active subscription with us and entitled to so many additional features compared to other licenses. In this regard, we believe DraftSight works magic for those who want to create one!