First of all, a big thanks to those who attended our booth (no. 3410). As you know (who came to our booth), we had prepare something for you to kill time and rest; after a hard walk in PWTC.

For those who had tried, hope you enjoy the fun; those who haven try and want to try, why not challenge yourself now? Simple just follow the step-by-step (or your own method) and finish it in less than 10 mins! Give a try and drop your fastest time under comments. Winner gets… no prize (hehe)

Be hold, the staple!

Raw image without rendering but still looks good if the hardware equip with a piece of tested & certified graphic card. Of course you need not to re-draw the whole staple. All you need to do is just model this simply part;

Easy right? Scroll down (for the instruction )when you are ready. READY? GET SET? GO!