I saw a good tutorial about techniques to model automotive sport rim last weekend, so i created my own version of tutorial on modeling an automotive sport rim and share with you. 🙂

Throughout the process of modeling we will only use some simple features which are revolve, cut revolve, cut extrude and circular pattern. Yes, just 4 simple features with some sketches, you can create your own custom design wheel, probably one for your own car.

To start off, open a new part file with MM unit and create a new sketch on front plane. Draw the basic shape of the rim profile as below (dimension it and make sure you draw a centerline that cut across the origin in y axis.)

Then add fillets to sharp corners, you can choose the radius you prefer but in this tutorial, i use R10 and R25 respectively. (please see the diagram below for better understanding)

This sketch will be the profile of your rims, revolve the rim profile for 360 degree to create this first feature. Pick the centerline of sketch as the center of revolve.
In order the modeling the spoke pattern, here i create a sketch at right plane and draw a cutting profile that look like diagram below. Here i’d planned to create a 7 spokes rim, so the angle that i use is pretty odd (51.43 degree), you can manipulate the angle to control the number of spokes that you wish to create for this project.
Use cut extrude to remove the material to reveal the spokes of rim. By then, you should have something looks like this. 🙂
For every sport rim, it must have some nuts holes to tight it to drive shaft (i guess only…..). Some car have 4 nuts holes, some have 5 holes (especially for bigger capacity car…..)
I’d sketched the nut hole profile with dimension on Front plane and use cut revolve feature to remove the additional material.
Next step, we will create a circular pattern to create the rest of the spoke and nut holes. All you have to do here is to select the number instances for spokes and nut holes.
Here i choose 7 for spokes and 5 for nut holes and the end result looks like this.
Last but not least, the rim itself….
Start a sketch on Front plane again, create a sketch as below……(i am too lazy to write down detail in words….so i think 1 pictures can saves a thousand words…..)
Revolve 360 degree……..and That’s it…..
As usual, i will use Photoview 360 to render this rim….

Actually,this rim might looks like a ordinary rim that we have in our local market and nothing so special about this rim. But my main intention is not to create a tutorial about how to model a sport rim. What really interest me is to see how you can create your own designed rim after reading mine in this blog.
Here again, i took the initiative to design another type of rim that looks total different from the first one. But the approach is the almost same…..this is a deviation of the first design!!
If you have time to create your own rim (i’m sure you have time since it only takes about 15 mins to complete this tutorial…. :-), please share with us. you can send your rim to felicia@cadcam.com.my and she will help you in publishing your design.
I am looking forward to see some great designs from you.

~ah lau~