Remember my previous blog about Jeremy latest website, let’s go design? Jeremy Luchini hosting an interactive web wereby we can vote for which project to kick start.

For you who following up with the interactive website, the result was out and most votes go to the CAD chair. the story continue. He split it into 5 episodes and the #1 episode is rolled out. You can go to his website and check it out!
Objective has been define:
– clean and funtional
– comfortable
– adjustable
– easy to assemble
– Feature- rich

From forums, followers throwing in ideas and easily with SolidWorks, Jeremy put the 2D hand sketch into SolidWorks, from different view and model a prototype of the idea- instant visualization!~

Next up, we have a space issue, so the next vote for the next video:
1. Guest chair? or
2. Work surface?

Can’t wait for #2 episode to out. 🙂 stay tuned.

p/s: you can download the SolidWorks files from his website too. cool!~