In this blog series we will be going through a step by step guide on making a Quadcopter. With the help of SolidWorks we will be designing, simulating and ultimately making the frame for the Quadcopter with 3D printing.  

What you’ll need

Before you embark in your project, get the necessary parts first. 

Parts List :
4 x Brushless Motors
4 x Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)
4 x Propeller Blades
Flight Controller Board (FC)
4 Channel radio controller and receiver
Li-Po Battery pack
You can source all your parts through Hobbyking at
Make sure your parts are compatible with one another, for example. The Motors need the right amount of Amp power from the ESC for it to run at its highest potential and not to much to burn the motor. The battery should hold enough charge to have a flight time of more then 20 minutes. to learn more about selecting the right parts. you can check out this useful site here

Start Designing

Start drawing up sketches of frames you want, the basic anatomy of a Quadcopter are just its main central body that houses the FC, Radio Receiver and the Battery pack. There are 4 extended arms that will hold the Rotors and ESCs.

The arms are face on equal 90 degree angles of each other and should stay firmly so. The motor to motor distance, which is the length of one motor placement point to the opposite motor point can be determine by the size of your Propeller blade, leave a distance of 3/4 or 1 Propeller length from tip to tip. For example, if you were using the popular propeller size of 10 inches diameter, the motor to motor distance would be about 450 – 500 mm. Thats basicly 2 propeller lengths = 20inches/ 500mm.

For the next post we will be looking into designing the frame.