“I believe I can Fly… I believe I can touch the sky…think about it every nigth and day…spread my wings and fly away……”

It was the 1st sunny day I met after a long raining season. My master was singing his favourite R.Kelly’s song, riding on me flying freely through the sky.

The sky are blue, and the good weather really make me feel smart and energetic. In fact, it was my 1st try to fly on the sky!

I was born in 5th April, 2010 at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.
Yes, can you recognise I was designed in SolidWorks? My master has spend one whole day to sketch out my body shape, give me the strong and powerful wings with excellent aerofoil shape, fixing the propeller and wheels onto my body. Of couse, I was also tested with Stress and Flow Simulation to ensure that I can fly greatly and safely.
Finally, I was sprayed with her favourite red before brought to the photo session.

Here are some of my photo with different pose that has been captured by using PhotoView360!

Steady Pose

360 turn after make up with different color
(another version of me!) -Make up artist-Mr.Sew

With a Nice Background– by Photographer Sew
(this is just the 2D background setup in PhotoView 360 Studio, my master didn’t actually bring me to such a nice place. =p)

Coming soon, I will be invited by the director called-Motion Manager, to capture my cool flying action ! Thanks to my master who have born me with SolidWorks!