Guys & girls,

Let’s go into the detail of the bowl. this is not an ordinary bowl, this is a bowl with ear. The bowl was easily design with 3 revolves, everyone know how to use the revolve function right? then you will also notice a few cuts at my bowl. No, it is not for you to pour the soup out nor putting straw into it to drink the soup.

Do allow me to explain about my masterpiece with printscreens + the G button on my keyboard (What? You did not know that the G button is for you to turn on the magnifying glass in SolidWorks 2009!)
See the cut in my magnifying glass? Yes, is for you to put your thumb when holding your bowl of maggie mee while watching Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan (btw, Dato Lee won)
Very obvious, the slot + 2 holes is to put the pair of cute chopstick which come along with my design. A Set!Lastly i created two rendered images, 1 with PhotoWorks and another with PhotoView 360. Guys, make a guess, which 1 was created with PhotoWorks?