5.17pm, Sunday- home alone without having lunch~ Raining! Partner went for shopping with her friends, not following because need to prepare some on-demand flow benchmark & who knew, insufficient information to proceed.

SolidWorks was on & I knew that I starving which mean I can easily consume few bowls of ramen! Damn, so wish that i can have a bowl of warm ramen with grilled sliced beef on top of it. Of course, I would need a bowl to pour my ramen into it!

Hereby, I present to you; another great design from Sew, Ramen Bowl with Ear! (huh) Ear? Why? Why?

Below picture answered all your why!

Designed with SolidWorks without rendering and some touch up (wording) with PhotoShops

So far for now, will post more views from different angle later on~ need to put something into my stomach now else you will never see my design anymore! Bye!