Today I just received a white paper from SolidWorks Corporation, topic about “Value your time with better Product Data Management System (PDM) in your design works place”. PDM systems perform a variety of tasks to help collaborate, control, connect, and communicate information throughout an engineering organization. Getting the most out of your PDM efforts starts with the Intelligent PDM Vault from SolidWorks.

As a usual business operation, you store your design and manufacturing data on a network drive for all to use. Because you’re savvy about the need for an administrator to control access while offering the rest of the staff ease of use, you’ve taken a centralized approach and put completed projects on the network. While, today I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you the “PDM system”, with that your engineers and designers can focus more on design rather than administration tasks.

Seven steps to intelligent PDM
1 – Intelligent data relationship knowledge
understands the relationship among parts, drawings, and assemblies.

2 – Controlled check-out
Easy to access a file, by click on check out from the vault, and the system will automatically locks the file so that other users can only view but not make changes to the same file at the same time

3 – Globally known check-out status
While a file is in use, its status is available for all to see.

4 – Absolute overwrite protection
The Vault ensures that another person can’t overwrite the changes that someone else is in the process of making.

5 – Controlled check-in
When a user has completed changes to a file, there is a simple but structured process for checking a file back into the Vault

6 – Intelligent version/history branching
PDM Vault keeps a full history that stores all operations performed on each file, so you always know who has worked on which part, assembly, and project.

7 – Simplified revision nomenclature
Intelligent PDM Vault, file naming can be automatic when you are satisfied with your latest version

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