Sorry for my late post. Don’t blame me, blame the internet service provider. Okay la, I also quite busy for this week Simulation Seminar for E&E industries.

Okay, if you follow our Facebook fans page, last 2 weeks we had kick-started the online voting for most preferred student design. Big thanks for your participation and the final result, Eco-drill won the online voting with over 600 votes.

3rd National Inter-Varsity Design Competition- finale was held in an auditorium hall at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), thanks to our co-organizer, MAD Inc for the wonderful venue. On that day, the top 10 team which short listed from over 20 submissions; was given 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges’ team of 7.
Within these 15 minutes, team would need to perform their best to sell their innovative invention and convince the judges that their design is the best of the best. These 15 minutes really tested our participants in term of presentation skill and their capability to sell their design. A successful inventor should capable to design great product and market their product.
No doubt, they can design well but not all team performed their best on the stage, especially in front of the judges’ team, formed by representative from SIRIM berhad, Malaysia Design Council (MRM), Sapura Research, SolidWorks Corp. & a local famous inventor (representative from MACRI), Mr. Robest Yong. The heat is up when the presenter challenged by the judges in the Q&A session. They managed to perform their best in answering all judges’ questions, shown they were well prepared and understand their design very well.
Sentimental moment~ during the lunch break, I realized that one of the participants invited his parents to join in the event. Parents are invited to give their moral support and it really touched my heart. I wish my parent will do that for me as well. For coming event, I hope to see more parents participate, to support and encourage their children to design. If we do not support local design, who else will do?
Is an honour that Yang Berhormat Senator Heng Seai Kei, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, invited for the official award ceremony. An inspiring speech was given and follows by the most awaiting award ceremony.
This is the moment where all team is battling for, total cash prize of RM10, 000.00, SolidWorks licenses(sss) and prizes(sss) from our platinum sponsor, HP, which included the latest model of HP netbook for each of the winner!
And the winners are:
1st winner
Green Sweeper, USM
1st runner up
Water trap, USM
2nd runner up
Sea Wave and Wind Power Generator, TARC
Consolation :
#1 Ultimate Air Converter, UTEM
#2 Hybrid Green Charger, USM
Congratulations for all winners for claiming the best of the best. For the rest, you had showed your confidence and courage to present and to design. Don’t give up! There are always room for improvement and a lot of chances for you to prove to the world.
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See you again next year!~