In Sibu, one of the universities, UCTS, has taken the first step to initiate the industry 4.0 design platform. UCTS decided to invest drawing tablet with powerful workstation, to create a lab, a place that allow the students to do their design with only the access of the internet.

3DS experience, is one of the platforms, that allow users to control the administration / security restriction of the user to use the features from the platform. Since its education version, the platform provides varieties or multiple feature which include mechanical system design, assembly design, CATIA part design, and etc.

CAD application is assigned base on the role given to the user.

When come to education, full CAD feature is included in 3D experience, including SOLIDWORKS connector.

From my point of view, I will consider it as a design platform secured with SW PDM system, and sync like google drive in your computer. With only the access of internet, it allows you to download the necessary product plug-in with ease, like those common extension we often used in google chrome. After the plug-in installed, you can directly use the feature in browser form, simple and easy. Each user come with different unique id and password, which providing you a more secure way to access into your vault/cloud database.

User with unique id and password able to access to 3D experience platform.

Cloud sharing Spaces, allow multi user to share file or CAD data.

When you access into your 3D experience account, empty area in your dashboard layout, allow you to customize the items detail and position within the dashboard. You can create a section to show the detail in your cloud drive. Similar features like google drive, allow you to control the privacy of the drives, and share your files with other users.

Customization of dashboard allow user to create their own layout, or preferred layout that suit their own work pattern/behaviour.

CATIA design plugin in 3D platform, once the design complete, will auto sync to the cloud drive.

Creating the 2D sketch profile, same design process, entities, dimensioning and relation features in 2D sketch.

During the design process in CATIA 3DS experience, the system setting, allow you to select which drive/folder you want to use to store your CAD data from the plug-in. Instead of creating new data for your project, you are allowed to import existing cad data (in supported format), directly upload to the 3DS driver. The powerful search tools in the system, easily find and group up the data with simple key words.

If you interested to try out this platform, contact us now! It’s time for you to do design in cloud base platform.