Today is the last day of the 3DExperience World 2020, an astounding 4-days event which gathers the avid designers and innovators around the world that is happening in Nashville since last Sunday – 9th February 2020.

For decades, the SOLIDWORKS community has inspired designers and engineers to create amazing products and the mission of this event is to provide the community with tools to build a better world.

In case you missed out the action in Nashville, here a little recap of what’s happening there!

Sunday 9th Feb 2020

“How do the products we create improve human life?”, the question posed by SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi while opening the 3DExperience World 2020. Bernard Charles, Dassault Systèmes CEO and Board Vice Chairman, also shared his vision for empowering SOLIDWORKS users to dream bigger about the future and this future is at the intersection of technology and humanity. The two mesh to open a new world of possibilities and progress that is uniquely human.

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You will also witness their exclusive Magic Wheelchair reveal that was built by a group of makers who have made it their mission to build dream wheelchairs for physically challenged kids. Magic Wheelchair’s group is known for making theme chairs the likes of monster trucks and rocket ships. Find out more:

Monday 10th Feb 2020

Exclusive interviews with co-founder of Kickstarter Charles Adler and Mike Schultz, a Paralympic Gold and Silver Medalist, 10 time X Games Gold medalist, and Founder and Inventor of BioDapt. Mike Schultz lost his leg in a snowmobiling accident and 10 years later, he won a gold medal at the Paralympic Games using a prosthetic leg he designed in his garage using SOLIDWORKS. Today Mike’s company makes prosthetics for people from around the world.

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You’ll also get an in-depth look at the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground, where you’ll see a real-world, design-through-manufacturing process. Find out more at:

Tuesday 11th Feb 2020

Expand your professional skill set by watching their technical sessions at:

Wednesday 12th Feb 2020

Learn about how the skills and strategies shared at 3DEXPERIENCE World can power innovation, growth and prosperity for users, business leaders and entrepreneurs — now and into the future.

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