Everybody share, everybody win! This is the new day!

Let me put it right, SolidWorks moving into movie industry? Hmm.. interesting..

Recently SolidWorks Corp. post a new ‘movie’ into their website~ 3Dudes gone 3D.

It’s kinda funny but hey, this is what I like about SolidWorks, using Real innovative way to promote their products & educate us.

Back to the movie, there is a part where they were discussing about SolidWorks enterprise PDM , two words appeared from the VP, words that so..so perfectly describe SolidWorks enterprise PDM~

Collaboration efficiency! & I’m totally agree with it!

I not going to share much about the video content, it will better if you can watch & enjoy it by yourself.

Did I heard macrobating? Click me to watch all the available episodes.