Remember when you where a kid and you are really into big giant Mechas you see in comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. Have you ever imagine you could wear and pilot one, looking really awesome in a costume party full of your fellow nerds, well WIRED did and they brought it to Comic Con San Diego this year! It can be seen stomping around the convention this year thrilling kids and Mecha geeks alike while doing the robot dance when prompted.

Called the WIRED Mech ( WIRED magazine), This cosplay suit stands high at 9.5 feet tall and weighs 400 pounds, it’s piloted internally with mechanical sound effects and a sexy destructive robot voice. Its took the team from Legecy Effects and the Stan Wilson School 24 days to build the massive suit. It’s constructed by an Aluminum skeleton chassis and fiber glass molded body panels. 

So you might want to have a go on making a suit of your own for a side hobby project. But the task looks daunting and you have to figure out how your going to design a big external aluminum skeleton first from scratch.

Try on your mechanical design skills with SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual,
a new software tool from Solidworks that simplifies the the conceptual design process for engineers to create intuitive mechanical simulation for simple and complex mechanism. 

You start of with a simple 2D  layout for your different arms and joints, navigate through the simulated  moving mechanisms to determine the effectiveness of your design. Once your happy with your sketched 2D layout you could start moving into 3D modeling to get a better sense of your design in real time simulations.

Click on the video link below to see the flexibility and creative power you can achieve with Solidworks Mechanical Conceptual