SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015! Happening Right now! 

As usual, upon registration we get a cool back pack (it gets better every year!), and an event T-shirt:

Topics on the plate today: 

SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams:

Early birds who rock up today could take the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWPCORE), or any of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Specialist exams at no charge. A lot of brain activities going on in the hall with a room of engineers doing exams!  

CAD Manager’s Boot Camp:
Always a fruitful session for CAD Managers to gather and explore ways to maximise the output of SOLIDWORKS. It highlights the importance of combining IT and CAD best practices in order to reduce the cost of ownership and maximising your investment on the powerful CAD tool.

Performance: Hot topics always revolve around CAD performance. We discussed how configurations and system maintenance affects and lead to performance bottlenecks – how NOT to go there! 

Being a good CAD manager: How training, evaluation and planning is crucial in building a good team as well as obtaining good results.

Data Management: Why it’s important to manage your data, and what are your options. 

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: Plan for success—metrics, expectations, and proactive management. 

The day ended wonderfully with great food, laughter, and cool breeze of a winter day in the desert! 

Tomorrow will be the First day of the General session, look forward to seeing the development plan for SW2016!! Stay tuned! 

Yours Sincerely, 


SWW2015 Reporter