IME SolidWorks Innovation Day 2009 had just com to an end. This event launched at Johor, Selangor and Penang. It was a very successful event with everyone support, especially your participants during the event. On behalf of IME, I would to take these opportunities to delivery my appreciation to all of you and special thanks to the co-organizer SIRIM BHD and (PSDC) Penang Skills Development Centre and off course not to forget our Platinum sponsor HP and Gold sponsor 3D Connexion.

Are you all enjoy during the event? Are you going back with fruitful information? Please say yes 🙂

Let’s start with the Photo Rendering Contest, this contest announced a month ago before IME SolidWorks Innovation Day (SWID) started. We received great responds from a lot of local talented SolidWorks Lover. They design and render a very nice image; it was competitive enough for all the entries. The result only knew after voted by the participants in Sirim. Below is the first winner, Congratulation to Teay Siew Hon!!

At the locatin, IMEbSWID’09 kick start with the topic “Design for Sustainability”, “Design for future”, “Design for your love”. SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress is a new feature for SolidWorks 2010, it help user to immediately determine the environmental impact of any part  that designed. SolidWorks Sustainability product includes an environmental impact, dashboard, customized reports and a tool to find alternative materials to easily compare and instantly improve the sustainability of a part.
SolidWorks® 2010 product line, is a new set of software products that optimize and bulletproof the core product design functions that make designers and engineers successful every day. Through the use of CAD, simulation, data management, documentation, and environmental impact assessment, organizations will transform their inspirations into innovation, supported by a vibrant community of CAD users, content, technology, and expertise.
SolidWorks 2010 new enhancements have helped speed up drawing creation. SolidWorks 2010 also provides greatly enhanced reference plane creation methods, sheet metal functionality, weldment performance, component mirroring capabilities, and direct editing tools. And PhotoView 360 makes it even easier for novices to render photorealistic images like professionals.
It was a very excited SolidWorks 2010 presentation done by Charlie and with 2 handsome guys running up and down in the auditorium hall with one pretty lady searching for a lucky star. Congratulation to those lucky stars, who able to pick up a lucky “alphabet” by winning a limited SolidWorks’ souvenir, especially those who had won the international adaptor and the multiport solar charger. Congratulation!!!!
Still remember, me myself also involved as an ACTOR during 3D Via composer presentation, this is my first time explore on a design solution “3D VIA Composer”, I don’t have any engineering back ground, I do not learn Illustrator, photoshop, SolidWorks, etc. But, I had managed to do the demonstration to all of you. It had proved that, a non CAD user is able to learn this documentation solution easily. You are now able to do your own Service manual, Service instruction, etc by your own. Photo capturing, computer print screen is not a right tools for you anymore. It is so easy, fast and accurate! By just using 3D VIA composer to create you product documentation.
MAHAL Equipment was growing since last year SolidWorks Innovation Day 2008 after they implemented SolidWorks PDM Enterprise. The presentation highlighted some productivity features for preparing models and drawings for distribution. A new convert, publish, print, and plot capability, for example, automatically converts hundreds of manufacturing drawings into neutral formats for quoting, collaboration, batch printing, and sharing with other systems. What will happen next year for MAHAL Equipment? Will this company started his business to other country? Emmmm…. I think this possibility is high, because his engineers (Mr Sew) are now exploring SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress. This features able to help a company reduce a lot of material and able to determine the environmental impact of a part, which help to reduce carbon footprint. Waiting for “episode 3 MAHAL Equipment”….. See you next year
Opps, while talking about what’s new for SolidWorks 2010, Product Documentation (3D Via Composer), Product Data Management (SolidWorks PDM Enterprise)…. Do you realize, it is not enough for you to make your company grow!!! A smarter Design and manufacturing company, they always concern on the product lifecycle, the product material, how to reduce the product material while maintaining the product quality. Here, SolidWorks Simulation in place. Before a product being manufacturer, simulation is the most important step for us to determine the particular product lifecycle, the best material should use. SolidWorks Simulation empowers teams by arming them with tools to easily validate design decisions, uncover hidden problems before they affect production, and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks to Kokuyo borrowing us their office chair for the SolidWorks Simulation presentation, through this case study you should have a very clear picture how a design simulation apply in a design and why is was so important for a manufacturer.
Hoping you had enjoying the event well! By bringing the most fruitful information back after the event.
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