As we’ve discussed about the limitations of using manual inspection method, there is a powerful tool for us to explore – to simplify and automate the product quality process. 

Now, let’s check out SOLIDWORKS Inspection that can make quality control department’s friends’ life easier.

If you are troubled by “I still do not know which is better, the automated or manual way”, you may refer to the short facts (benefits) below to clear your doubts. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a single software with two user interface, 
  1. Fully integrated SOLIDWORKS Add-In 
  2. Standalone application that Support PDFs, or TIFFs files
Lastly, to answer to the frequently asked questions – “Can I customize the existing inspection report format?” The answer is.. YES! The inspection report is customizable according to different company standard.
If you/ your company is looking to improve quality control process, you can arrange a live demo HERE to save hours of exploring SOLIDWORKS Inspection.