To perform a rendering is so much easier and faster in SOLIDWORKS because it is integrated with Photoview360. We can create stunning realistic images just like picture below by applying appearance, background, lighting and camera view on it. However, to generate a realistic image with magnificent motion effect is required to export image file to other after-effect software instead.
This year, SOLIDWORKS 2016 feature new option to allow the user to include Motion Blur in still renderings. For this, we need to run a simple animation and position where you want to perform the rendering, and when you hit the Final Render button, you are prompted to include the Motion Blur. I ensure you will impress your customer with high quality and real life look.
In addition, SOLIDWORKS Professional & Premium now come bundled with SOLIDWORKS Visualize (Formerly Bunkspeed). New technology getting injected into SOLIDWORKS platform make rendering more fun and intuitive! Come our launch event – SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day and explore and experience this great tool!
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Ken Foong
Senior Data Management Engineer | CSWP-D