It is amazing what Engineers could do when you give them a powerful software like SolidWorks. This week the engineers at SolidWorks simulated if we can cook 2 steak or 2 pumpkin pies at the same time – will it cook thoroughly?

This fun experiment is done in SolidWorks Flow Simulation, which uses Computational Fluid Dynamics for the calculations of 3D fluid flow and heat transfer.

Begin Experiment: 

SolidWorks T-Day 1SolidWorks T-Day 2
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The Flow Simulation software calculates how the hot air flows in the oven and whether the heat is distributed uniformly to cook the food evenly. They started with defining the internal fan of the convection oven, add heat source on the bottom and CFD simulation would let us see the heat circulation in the oven, surrounding the steak and pies. We can also use the temperature distribution plots to determine the heat the meat will be getting on each tray. In this case, it shows a temperature difference of 13 degrees so the bottom tray would actually cook sooner.

SolidWorks T-Day 3
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SolidWorks T-Day 4SolidWorks T-Day 5
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I particularly like these close to real life examples where we can relate what CFD is. If I run this before I start baking I’m sure it would increase my “productivity” and reduce “waste” too! 🙂

To learn more about how Simulation could help improve your designs and reduce prototypes and cost of error: 

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CFD Solidworks Flow Simulation