2016 has ended; what a year it had been. Yes, it was indeed a year considered by many to be challenging, yet exciting and inspiring. The year started out strong as we had our 35thanniversary networking gala and ASEAN Economic Forum; and finished even stronger with many amazing experiences in between. We have all this to thanks to our customers, thank you for being part of our amazing year.
Here are some of our favourite moments:
Sin Chew Business Excellence Award

For us, this is indeed another milestone achieved – to be recognised with the Sin Chew Business Excellence Award under the Digital and Technology category.
Without your support this would not have been possible. We will continue to strive for excellence in whatever that we do. May we all continue to work together, support each other and grow.
Major Events:
IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2017

“The Power You Need to Drive Innovation”
This event is such a memorable event for us. This year marks our 10th IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day. With the theme The Power You Need to Drive Innovation this year, we hope that every participant managed to bring back some new ideas and inspirations, and that it gained them an edge in driving innovation.
It was a great experience for us indeed to have toured around Malaysia and met incredible participants. Can’t wait to see you at IME SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2018!
Check out what happened HERE!
Mawea Customer Meet 2016
It was great to meet up again in this biennial event with the theme Empowering Engineering Technology. As mentioned by our group Chairman Mr. Teoh, technology is changing at a rate that is faster than ever, there is no time more suitable than now, for us to leverage on technology, and be innovative in transforming our process and business.
Check out the event photos, HERE.
Visualize (Render Like A Pro Contest)
We organised the Render Like A Pro Contest on our social media last few months. The contest lasts for 3 months long and great feedbacks we received from the participants and our social media fans. The contest aims to raise awareness and expose participants about the latest rendering tools available in the market.
The winner of the Contest, Yusuf Buwanguzi said that “I believe it’s not only the performance that makes a great product, but also its visual appearance. There is a popular saying: ‘Design is where art and science break even’. I am right at that junction.”  
Click HERE to see rendering images submitted.
Improve Quality and Productivity: Modern Machine Shop

We are bringing for the first time participants to our Manufacturing Techno Hub for the Modern Machine Shop seminar. The topics covered by the speaker is ONE SETUP MACHINING – Complete multi-axis machining and Quality Inspection in one setup, SCAN AND INSPECT – Use 3D Scanner for reverse engineering and quality inspection and PROGRESSIVE MACHINING – Complete a complex part with multitask and just one operator.
We hope you’ve got some good ideas on how to transform your machine shop into a modern one during this seminar.

Check out the event photos, HERE. 

Driving Operational Success  
It is always encouraging to meet with people who share the same interest or objective. As mentioned by the speaker during the event day, there are 3 stages in the journey towards Operational Success: Initiating Change – Implementation – Sustaining Change. 
We concluded the event with examples of successful system implementations from our customers, technology assessment steps and how to further assess your readiness for new technology adoption.   
Click HERE to experience the event through photos.
Partnership and Collaboration
MoU Signed with Dassault Systèmes and Institute of Technology of Cambodia

We are delighted to be part of this ambitious partnership. Through this partnership, teachers and students at ITC will be offered a specialized suite of tools for engineering design, documentation, simulation and sustainable design in one easy-to-learn software package.

We hope with this partnership we are able to narrow the gap between classroom and actual workplace by integrating digital technologies such as virtual environment learning on real industrial projects.
CREST Youth Industry Boot Camp 2016

Meeting up with a group of students is always inspiring us. In collaboration with CREST last year, we are mentoring 100 over participants in the boot camps organised under the Engineering, Science and Technology Youth Programme 2016. 
We spent days in each boot camp, mentoring them throughout the product development process from product design up to prototype development. Our engineers also shared with the students their personal experience while pursuing the engineering career path. 

Check out the event photos, HERE.

PSDC Engineering 4.0  

This is indeed a great event you shouldn’t miss – the PSDC inaugural Industry 4.0 Week. Throughout the week, so much to take away from the sharing by agencies such as MDEC, PSDC and MIDA as well as other industry players. We also shared with the participants in the talk on “Simulation from Production Ideation to Production”.

Building the Community 

Congratulations, Maelstrom Team 

We had the honour to help them with 3D modelling and production of their design, and are proud to be part of the creation of the 4×4 vehicle, which can navigate and complete obstacles on a test track and emulate the capabilities of a full size 4×4 vehicle.
They also managed being ranked 10 out of 21 teams from 14 countries and also winning the Best Sponsorship and Marketing Award in the Land Rover 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge in UK.
APU Engineering Student’s Final Year Project

The students had done an amazing and interesting final year project that is a Humanoid Robot ELA. Ela was designed using CATIA V6, programmed to mimic human’s movements, listen to human commands, recognise colour objects; she can even be controlled using your brain.
The students from Asia Pacific University (APU) with MAWEA Industries, not only gained real project management experience, but were also exposed to real technology and solutions that are being used in the industry for product development.  The project scope was especially comprehensive as it covered exposure in several areas: industrial robots, product design, kinematic analysis, virtual simulation.
Once again, thank you it had been a wonderful year, an awesome year full of awesomeness and I wish all of our partners and supporters a happy new year. I look forward to engaging with you all again in 2017! 🙂
Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out our Website and Facebook Page for the latest updates. Feel free to drop us an email at marketing@cadcam.com.myfor any enquiries or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Cheers!