Nowadays, most of the engineers are multitaskers, they deal with thousand of drawings, documents, forms, reports and data everyday.

What do they produce?
Intellectual Property and valuable data of a company that used by several departments for revenue generation
  • Engineering Proposal Package for RFQ process
  • Product Image and Marketing Content
  • Process planning and Production Drawings
  • Bill of Material with preferred option
How do they handle these important data?
  • Shared Folder
  • Server
  • External Hard Disc
  • Pendrive
  • Dropbox
A Server is only Network System, it is not an Engineering Data Management System!
These methods are threats of a company that may lead to:
  1. Lost of productivity
  2. Risk of wrong data & document
  3. Increase cost of scrap, compliance issue & quality
  4. Prolong project and unable to meet the target date
  5. Slow down time to market
SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM) system is intended to help Engineering & Manufacturing company to archive higher productivity, reduce cost of error and mitigate risk of a company.
It is a full-featured data management solution for organizations large and small. It helps your team more easily find and re-purpose files, parts, and drawings; share design information; automate workflows and ensure manufacturing always has the right version.
What can EPDM do?
  • Security Assess Control
  • Revision Control
  • Electronic Workflow process
  • History and Audit Trail
  • Multi Location Assess Point
  • Rapid Searching Capability
  • CAD data Management
  • Bill of Material Management
  • more.

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Ken Foong

Senior Data Management Engineer
Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE)| Certified Enterprise PDM Professional (CSWP-D)