DraftSight Has Upgraded

DraftSight Steps Up the CAD Industry’s Game Again.

DraftSight is still standing strong after so many years in the CAD industry despite the numerous low-cost CAD software coming out these days. Due to the functionalities and capabilities of DraftSight and the commitment from Dassault Systemes’ team, most prospects and users still come back Dassault Systemes’ solutions.

On-going Enhancement from R&D

Recently, Dassault Systemes released a series of videos displaying what’s new in their software and enhancement of the software, highlighting more on their solutions in industrial application. More case studies have been shared by them to prove that their solutions are as good as other solutions in market.

DraftSight does not only able to read all types of DWG files, it also comes with unique drawing management system

One of the notable examples from the case studies is the landscape design using different tools and functions in DraftSight to convert the entities form the picture. By using the overlay mode, it allows users to pinpoint the location of the trees using the hand-sketched images.

Hand-sketches the drawing line within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Using insert picture and change the transparency of the picture to overlay with the other picture

Bringing the New Toy to the Playground

DraftSight Mechanical was introduced early this year. Finally, Dassault Systemes decides to release it this coming December 2022 or early January 2023.

DraftSight Expertise explains the difference between DraftSight Mechanical and other DraftSight

So, what is the catch of this version? What is so special about it?

DraftSight Mechanical is a special version of DraftSight specialising in mechanical design. The version itself consists of all the DraftSight features and more mechanical tools and datasheets that can be used to speed up mechanical design in 2D and 3D design.

The comparison matrix between the DraftSight and DraftSight Mechanical

Back in the time, when a drafter needed to design the block template and reinsert the block without the mechanical properties, tons of data must be manually keyed in tablet or spreadsheet in the drawing. Due to manual key-in system, minor typo errors or human errors are unavoidable.

The unique mechanical blocks specialised for mechanical design

With the pre-build in mechanical dataset, it consists of the standard toolbox in 3D design view or in 2D block.

How do these datasets help users to speed up their design process in DraftSight?

User can use this feature any time to add on the mechanical part into their existing drawings. The magnetic pin in the mechanical block is easily attached to the existing entities and block. The users can click on the block, check the properties detail, modify or change the properties of the blocks, the data or properties form the blocks can easily generate dedicated mechanical Bill of Material table. These tables can be used to identify the number of items in the drawings, similar to the BOM we have seen from the SOLIDWORKS features.

The mechanical pin-point system in the mechanical block, easily pin the block with existing drawing block

The mechanical block comes with different preset properties with standard design and properties information

With the existing mechanical block included in the drawing, BOM table can be easily generated with standard mechanical information

Commitment and Reliability

As mentioned last time, the Dassault Systemes’ R&D team put a lot of the effort in the software enhancement. Last year, DraftSight only supports the import dynamic blocks. In the new release, DraftSight is able to convert the dynamic blocks to Custom Block, allowing users to modify and edit the custom block based on their reference.

Users can now create or modify existing dynamic block to their own custom block, exclusively in DraftSight

Able to generate block location table based on specific block group

For improvement on the UI, the hatch line command now has their own command bar. It is easier to add hatch line and edit the hatch properties in the drawing block. The overall software stability has been greatly improved, the crash issue from HomeByMe section and dark mode UI mode has been resolved. But the import feature – it is exclusive for subscription users only.

The reported HomeByMe issue has been resolved, you may start to create drawing directly from your HomeByMe project (T&C apply)

Final Verdict

The DraftSight Mechanical version seems promising with the added tools or features.

So far, this is the latest information that we can obtain from their video. We expect to get our hands on those new enhancements once the 2023 version is released next month.

Have you tried your DraftSight with 3DEXPERIENCE cloud system?

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