DraftSight Feature Enhancement You Need to Know in 2024

It is the same software that we know, yet it is different.


Previously we talked about the UI improvement and enhancement introduced in DraftSight 2024. Another good news for CATIA users, now DraftSight also supports CATIA drawing, so CATIA users can easily share drawing details with their fabricator who uses drafting tools. This time, we are going to focus more on the features enhancement that truly will help us improve our drafting workflow.


Flat Snapshot


Flat snapshots are considered as advance drawing creation tools. By using the CAD general mode in DraftSight, users can create 3D views in DraftSight, at the same time can use the flat snapshot to generate the view of the 3D model based on the POV.

After defining the axis plane, users can easily create top, front, side view directly on the defined axis plane. The step is necessary in reducing the time needed to generate 2D drawing detail, and easier to rearrange the drawing view near the 3D CAD model.

If you can used with 3D CAD software like SOLIDWORKS, then it has similar experience with the model view function from the drawing mode.

Flatshot feature will directly capture the view based on the user POV on the 3D model.

Easily generate flat isometric, using the flatshot feature.

Easily generate standard top, front, side view for your 3D model using the flatshot feature.

Hatches Improvement

When we talk about hatch features in drafting software, we commonly use hatch feature to create cross section line for the boundary area that we desire. Some of the users even use the hatch feature, to use as acoloring feature to fill up color in the desired area in the drawing.

In the previous version, after you created the hatch feature, if you wish to extend the area of th hatch, you need to reselect the area for hatch feature. Take a few more steps to expand the hatch region in the drawing. With the new enhancement, the hatch feature comes with separate boundary box, allowing users to edit or fine tune the hatch feature, after creating the hatch region in the drawing.

The additional adjustment points around the hatch feature allow users to adjust after the hatch feature created.

Export Sheet

Normally, when we export our drawing files, we need to export the whole drawing model. Including the modelling section, where we drafted our drawing. This method indirectly revealed all the drafting information to our vendor, where they are not required to access this information, mostly they only need to follow the drawing sheet we have given to them.

This is the main reason people intended to export in PDF format or to block the editing feature in the drawing, to prevent the contractor from making changes on their side without their concern.

In DraftSight 2024, they come with improvement for the export section. Now user can easily export the drawing sheet out, without sharing out the entities from the model view. However, third-party users or contractors can only add additional information to the drawing sheet but not on the modelling part, provide a more secure way to export the drawing sheet to others.

Export sheet enhancement only user to export the drawing sheet in DWG format.

Exported sheet only consist of the drawing view without the main model view from the original drawing files.

Multiple References

Normally on a drawing sheet, we can only use viewport, to show our drawings drafted in the model view. By using this new feature, known as the multiple references, it allowed us to attach several types of files or drawing from other DWG files, to include additional information in our drawing sheet.

Instead of reimporting the block into the model view, we can utilize this to directly place it in another viewport in the drawing sheet.

Capabilities to insert additional drawing sheets from other DWG files.

Multi-Reference feature also enables users to attach other types of files, such as pictures, pdf files and DGN files.

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