Capabilities Exploration: 3DDrive VS 3DSpace

3DEXPERIENCE has launched in the market for quite few years now, and it still appears new in Asia market, including the Malaysia market, Try ask around, you may hear people talk about the cloud solutions, but when it comes to 3DEXPERIENCE, they only can assume it’s another type of enterprise cloud solutions in Malaysia market.

After months of implemeting 3DEXPERIENCE solution in my working daily life, Now, we get realise that 3DDrive and 3DSpace are two different storages and provide different. We are amazed on how 3DSpace can do more than just a storage system in 3DEXPERIENCE platform.



Let’s make it simple –  3DDrive is quite similar to Dropbox, where it only allows you to keep, share and manage your files either on webpage or in the software in your local computer. But when it comes to accessibilty function 3DDrive does not provide any editing feature on the 3D CAD data, or the regular document files. You are only able ti click and drag the files to the 3DPlay to review it and do marking on your files. When it comes to files sharing, it only allows user to view on webpage or download a copy to their own local computer if they wish to make some changes on the files. Even though it is convenient to use the 3DDrive to keep your files, the storage system is unable to do the managing functionality such as tracking who reviewed your files or if there is any additional updates or changes on the files –  it serves more as a personal backup drive for the end user.

The lack of file management system within makes this storage system more suitable for personal backup or basic file sharing


3DSpace, on the other hand, is a completely different storage system for 3DEXPERIENCE users. You may view it like Google Drive, but it can execute much more compared to it –  accessing, managing and sharing your files with other users or with your vendors comes with a different advantage.

The properties of the project can be changed anytime by the project owner, or the main user

The visibility and the description of the project allow users to inform or control the access of the project from other users.

Let us dive deep into the file accessing ability in 3DSpace. 3DSpace allows users to create a project group to store the filew for specific group. Where the group allows users to store different types of files such as office files, pictures, slides, SOLIDWORKS files, as well as DWG files among others. Each of these files come with options to allow users to directly open the files with the software at local machine or by using web application to open the files. For example, if you have a SOLIDWORKS part file,  you can open it in xDesign software or using your SOLIDWORKS on Desktop to open the files. 

The 3DSpace allows users to open the files directly on 3DEXPERIENCE webapp or premises software in their computer

The majority of the webapp from 3DEXPERIENCE platform can only open the files from 3DSpace

Similar like 3DDrive, you can click and drag your files into 3DPlay to check and add remarks. But you can do more – you can direct share the remarked files as a picture format to easily share to 3DSWYM tools with other users within the platform itself.

3DPlay allows you to screenshot the picture and easily shares your update to specific 3DSWYM group in 3DEXPERIENCE

Managing the files is another level when you using 3DSpace. 3DSpace allows you to share files with others and give access to the others, so they can make direct changes and update simultaneously in the platform, which speeds up the process for improving product design and history tracking system in the storage system will indicate which user made the last changes on the files. The reservation files function in the 3DSpace which allows the files to be edited by a single user, one at a time, so there is no overlap issue or error occurs when the files are being edited.

The file management system in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to control the file access to track the file revision and reservation of your files

The additional properties system in the 3DSpace system allow the storage owners to choose whether the files or project can be seen by publicly or private and only specific user with given permission can access or review. It provides more security measures to your project files in the cloud storage system to prevent the files being stolen or corrupted within the storage system.


To conclude our sharing on 3DDrive and 3Space, Dassault Systemes’ team really pays a lot of attention when it comes to cloud storage system. By providing different types of the storage systems, it allows end users to decide which file is for personal backup and which file is for sharing and collaborating. Users are provided with unique login credentials into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so that we are able to trace which user make changes to your files and access permission features, allow end users to decide who can review the files or who can work together the improve the project design.

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