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 We continue on development on the main frame of the quadcopter. The center frame will house some essential parts such as the control board, battery and the radio receiver.

The sketch above shows the placement of the Control Board and Battery which are placed center of the design. The board has an inboard gyroscope (tilt,shift,yaw) sensor which will help balanced the quadcopter by managing each individual motor. The battery is the heaviest component, so it will be better placed securely on the center of the body for optimum center of gravity,

Above shows the CAD development on the quad’s body, there are 6 points of contact to keep the battery sung inside. There are 4 pole extrudes for the Control board to be bolted on to. Make sure that the placements directions that are stated on the control board manual are follow, this particular one has its axis facing on the edges of the board thus having one point of the board face an arm.

After settling all the CAD data, we proceed to create a printed prototype for the proof of concept. Above shows the 3D printed parts that work flawlessly given a few tweaks on fitting tolerance.

Above shows a fully assembled quadcopter without blades
 Fully assembled and ready for test flight