3DPlay Enhancements

You Must Know


          As we know, 3DEXPERIENCE comes with different roles and application, different widgets with different functionalities. Dashboard’s main section for users to customise the web application based on their preferences.

           To show their dedication to support the platform, once a while, Dassault Systemes will roll out some new updates on the web-app to make sure this enhancement can improve the end users’ experiences.

           So today, we are going to explore the major enhancements that have been rolled out by Dassault Systemes’ engineers. We assure you that it will amaze you and get your mind blown.

3DEXPERIENCE platform consists of roles and apps based on the package you choose

What is 3DPlay?

Let us go back to the basic. So, what is 3DPlay and what does this widget or web-app do in the platform?

If you are one of the active users using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, then 3Dplay is the most basic web application you have been using since Day 1.

3DPlay is a file preview application in the dashboard that allows you instantly open the files from 3DDrive or 3DCommon Space.

As it is a cloud or web based application, not only you can use 3DEXPERIENCE in any web browser, you can also use it on mobile web application and directly access your dashboard on Android OS or IOS web browser with ease.

The same goes to 3DPlay application, you can preview all your files in the mobile as well – easy and convenience. You no longer required any powerful hardware to utilise this platform.

3DPlay is the most basic tools you need in 3DEXPERIENCE


Let us deep dive on the functionalities and capabilities of 3DPlay in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Earlier, we mentioned that 3DPlay is a file preview application in 3DEXPERIENCE. 3DPlay does not only allow the preview of standard 3D CAD files, it also supports other non-CAD type files such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Words and DWG file format. Since you can directly access this within your mobile web browser, you can instantly check on the 3D CAD files or DWG drawing files without using any workstation or laptop.

The tools in 3DPlay allow you to perform screen, measure and even leave a comment and upload into your corporate 3DSwym instantly. This allows you to easily communicate with your team and even quick update on your current project progress.

Unfortunately, 3DPlay only allows you to preview or review files and unable to do direct editing files. As long as you have Bi & Ii, the basic package in 3DEXPERIENCE, you can have these powerful tools in your hand.

Direct drag the files from 3DDrive or 3DCommon Space

Able to measure and leave comment on the files

Can directly upload the current images as screenshots into your corporate 3DSwym

No issue to read CAD files, including DWG drawings files and 3D CAD files

The new update – 3DPlay now able to preview non-CAD files, such as Words, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF

Final Verdict

As we can see, 3DEXPERIENCE offers us a number of productivity tools in the platform. But it is up to us to explore, to adapt and to innovate our workflow with the platform.

If you are interested in this platform’s capabilities, feel free to drop us an email at marketing@cadcam.com.my . As usual, stay tuned to our page and TikTok channel for more information on Dassault Systemes’ solutions, such as DraftSight, SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE.

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