Good news for those users who always working with sheet metal design! I found that throughout the years, the ability of sheet metal features is keep on increasing in order to compensate the needs from users. This year, the enhancements are focus on how to enable the user create more complex geometry for sheet metal model in an easier and smarter way!
One of the examples is now we can use the existing Closed Corner command with a greater variety of sheet metal parts. When you are applying the closed corner function to add material for an opened gap, SolidWorks help you to manage the transition well.
Another example will be the improved sheet metal functionality to let the user design more complex sheet metal parts. User can now add hems to non linear edges. When you add hem to a sheet metal part edge, you can now edit the hem profile to control the length! Just like how you can do for edge flange!
Let’s go through the video:

Closed Corner & Hem in sheet metal

We have more than that! please keep following SolidWorks M’sia Community~ =)