Rapid Dimension & Dimension Palette

In SolidWorks 2010, there’s a lot of enhancement focus on how to make the user to create a 2D drawing in a smarter and faster way. One of the enhancement is user can use the rapid dimension manipulator to place dimension so they are evenly spaced and easier to read. The rapid dimension appears when you insert dimension in drawing views. You can use the manipulator to place dimension at evenly spaced intervals. For example, if you insert a dimension between two dimensions, the new dimension is spaced evenly between them.

Tips: To place dimensions quickly,

Use Tab key to switch to the different manipulator locations

Space bar to place the dimension in a suitable location outside of the model geomentry .

Besides that, the new introduced dimension palette also enable the user easily to access the dimensioning formatting. Let’s have a look on the video on how the enhancement can help you to produce your drawing faster than ever before!