Rainy day! Is a nice and relaxing morning, by having a cup of coffee.

Suddenly I remember what Lau mention to us yesterday on Going Green and Sustainability during our meeting. Let’s search some information to share with you, why are we going green now and how can we help the world become more sustainable?

I was thinking, what will “Green” look like in our future? What will be the breakthroughs in technology be in our future that will make our world more sustainable?
I just read an article wrote by Criff at 3D Perspective. Criff mention that “Going Green” and “Sustainable” are common terms that have been used, and over-used. And we have seen the world making more of an effort to help with sustainable efforts. But where are the big breakthroughs in technology to help us become more sustainable? Dassault Systèmes believes one way to look into the future for a new sustainable solution is visualizing it…in 3D.

Criff post up a video message from Bruno Delahave to explain what Dassault Systèmes is doing to help the world become more sustainable and how to create products which do not hurt the planet.
The video share with us how the 3D creation tool able to calculate environmental impact of an object being create, and how the designer able to take the smart decision of the component of the material he create to redo the carbon foot print of his design……
Let’s watch the video