How can this happen within few seconds???

What are the differences between imported file and native SolidWorks part file opened in SolidWorks window? Look at the 1st SolidWorks window picture from above, obviously the imported file doesn’t carry any feature as compared with the SolidWorks part file. This will cause a lot of inconveniences when you are trying to modify the imported file. So, what can we do is to recognize all the feature belongs to the part. Let’s have a look on how Direct Editing SolidWorks help you to manage it!

Direct Editing is one of the powerful functions introduced in SolidWorks 2010. It is a feature presented by FeatureWorks-> one of the add-in in SolidWorks Professional. It has the ability to let you directly edit an imported file without concerning the sequence and even the possible features within the part. What you need to do is just simply right click on the option that you want to edit and select the edit features command, the software is intelligent enough to recognize all the feature within the part! The most important thing is, all the recognized features are editable as what you expect in SolidWorks! Amazing?