Autobot, Transform!!!

Yea, yea… it’s transformer fever strike back… again!

I believe most of you have watched (or going to watch) the latest blockbuster movie-> Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen. People will laugh at you if you miss this must-watch movie, “Wah! you so out-dated ar… haven watch tranformer ar!~”

So, to be a “in-date” human being, hereby I would like to share my humble designs for the hero & villain signature logo, Autobot and Decepticon! I believe you can easily identify what features had been used to create it.

~Autobot Vs Decepticon~

Sew saw it and come out with this funny idea, “Hey, why not we just use the flex feature in SolidWorks to bend it & print it as a mask”! Hmm… sound interesting! Now we have this planning to send this models for 3D printing to make it become the real mask!

Transformer mask

Will snap some funny pictures to share if succesfully print it & wear it~

Hmm… I’m thinking to give a free 3D mask for anyone who dare to model a Transformer and submit to me. I DARE YOU!~
*hint: you may consider start with a 80′ style transformer.

written by charlie
edited by Sew(please don’t kill me)