Hi! Currently I am designing a model which involve the “Top-Down” design approach, means, I am creating a new part in an assembly enviroment since the geometry of the new part need to refer to others components within the assembly. Using this method, will establish some relations between the new part and other component, we call it as “In-Context” features in SolidWorks.
When you try to render this kind of in-context part with PhotoView360, sometimes you may get this message–> ” This file does not contain geometry that is accessible to PhotoView360″ and asking you go to resave the file with tessellation data: Tools>Option>Doc Properties>Image Quality> Save tessellation data with part document.
Somehow you may face the same problem although you have check this option. Currently how I solve this problem was:
1. Save another copy for the in-context part:
Open the part file. Go to File> Save As..> . Assign a new name (exp” for render”) Remember!!! In order to make sure your assembly is not affected, you must check the option “Save As Copy”!!!
2. Break the relations!!!
Open the new copy. This file still consist of in-context relations. In order to permanently remove those relations, from feature manager design tree,right click on the part, select “List External References” , a window will appear to list out all the external references belong to the part, hit on the “Break All” icon. ( I have tried ” Lock All” which means temporarly remove, but it won’t help)
3. Render with the new copy!!!
** I am still figuring why in-context part will cause this kind of message in PhotoView360, hopefully someone can share with me your experience! =)