If you working in a group, out of a sudden, this might happen,

Alamak! I forgot to save my file! I took few hour to build it & it was gone… Why me?

Hmm.. so far as my concern, it might due to ‘heavy duty’ usage when SolidWorks is running. TT player playing your favourite song to keep your brain fresh with idea, msn is running to keep connecting with the world. The best part, some even downloading TVB drama while designing with SolidWorks… End up?

Crash? Insufficient memory? Window hang?

You are lucky, you know? Cause SolidWorks come with backup & auto recovery setting.

There are three main options within the ToolsOptionsSystem OptionBackup/Recover dialog box each designed to help you back up your work or minimize potential loss of data.

The three areas are:
• Auto-recover
• Backup
• Save notification.

1st: Auto-recover
i) save information about the active documents in the current session if the system terminates unexpectedly.
ii) A Document Recovery tab appears in the Task Pane the next time you launch SolidWorks software.

2nd: Backup
i) Offers you the ability to create copies of the current document when changes are made.
ii) make sure the remove backup copies after “x” days is set. Otherwise, you will keep using disk space until the disk is full.

3rd: Save Notification
i) remind you to save documents
ii) a transparent message box appears if the current document has not been saved within the specified interval

As a conclusion, SAVE YOUR FILE!!!
Hope my idea of SolidWorks recovery can save your day!~
Happy weekend!~