Have you even think of a way to create a link between your existing dwg files with 3D Solidworks file? What do i mean? In short and simple, do you want your 3D Solidworks model changes if you change your dwg file?

I found a function in Solidworks that managed to perform the above task and i would like to share with you.

Here is a dwg file that i have opened in dwgeditor, i have simplfy this drawing here to make the drawing cleaner.

In your Solidworks, Open a New Part File and insert block. (Tools->Block -> Insert)

Next, Hit the browse button and select the source of dwg or dxf file that you wish to create a link.
Make sure you remember to check “link to file” option. This will allow your Solidworks block to create a link with dwg file.
After you insert block, you may want to perform so clean up by using the edit block feature.
Since i have simplify the dwg file so i do not need to clean up this sketch block anymore…. Therefore, i perform a extrude to the sketch block.
Here is the result but this is not over yet. The most important thing that we would like to see is the associativity after creating the link.

To test the link, i switched back to dwgeditor, stretch the drawing that i have and save. Remember, it is important to save your changes!!!

Go to Solidworks Program, hit CRTL+Q or rebuild button and see the changes.

Here you go, a simple but very useful tips of Solidworks.
I hope you like this.

Enjoy your weekend….

~ah lau~