For those who like to use Photoview360 to do image rendering, here, I would like to share a tip on how to control view orientation when render your 3D model.

Every time when we use PhotoView360 to open a 3D model, you will found that environment is locked with the model, means, as you are rotating the model, its’ environment is rotating as well. If during your modeling stage, you have selected the wrong reference plane to start off your model, then probably your model environment in PhotoView360 will be up side down while the 3D model orientation is correct. Like this:

i)When the floor orientation is not appropriate:

ii) When the light source from enviroment is out of the view due to different orientation:

Below figures is my new design for a car fragrance bottle. I would use the rendering of this model to show you the effect of lighting on the model due to the different orientation views.

iii) When the light source is within the captured view cause the enviroment is too bright:

In this case, we are not going to redo our model or even modified the sketch plane one by one!

What you need to do is just bring the part file (if your design is a single component) into an assembly file. Since the 1st component that you bring into an assembly file is always fixed, you’ll have to right click on the part and float it. Now, you are free to adjust the orientation of your model by adding suitable mate reference (coincident/parallel) between the plane from the part file and plane from the assembly file.

Below shown an excellent rendered images with balance environment orientation:

Lastly, Here is my humble design of car fragrance bottles with balance view orientation adjustment!

P/S: another tips I would like to share is: Minimize the PhotoView360 window as you rotating the model to do the orientation view adjustment, this can make the movement of the model smoother! Happy Rendering! ^_^