Driving on the road and flying on the sky might not be our dream now. My first exposure to this Terrafugia “Flying Car” was during my visit to SolidWorks World 2009. I was so impress when I saw this “Flying CAR” in front of me, it is a REAL CAR….. we can drive on the sky soon!

Of course my intention today is not to only share with you there is a FLYING Car in the world, but to share with all design engineers. This FLYING CAR was DESIGN in SOLIDWORKS. Can you believe?

Ya, it is! SolidWorks is the best mechanical design software. Without I typing so many word, let’s watch the video yourself on some of the part being design in SolidWorks.

Your will believe, SolidWorks can do so! SolidWorks is the BEST!

I can fly now….. Yeh!!!!

click on the image for the video