Do you know how to customize you own standard toolbox? No? Okay, follow below step by step to create your own toolbox. 🙂

Step 1: Go to Add-in, check the selection box for both SolidWorks Toolbox & SolidWorks Toolbox Browser.

Step 2: Go to Toolbox>Configure…

Step 3: From the toolbox user interface, choose “1. Select your hardware”

Step 4: From the provided toolbox standard, select a standard that you wish to copy. Hit on the copy icon, then enter a new name for the copied standard.

Step 5: Select the second page(customize hardware), select the hardware you wosh to modify, then customize the size and information from the interface as shown in the figure below:

Step 6: You can add new size for the selected hardware:

Step 7: After key in and customized all the information, remember to press the “Save” button for all the updates. Now, you can browse your own created standard from the toolbox browser, just drag and drop the hardware into you assembly.

and there you go!~