Still remember the company which purchased the 1 millionth license of SolidWorks 3D CAD Software, OGIO?

One of the product that they designed in this company is 180 degree Moto Stand.

The patent pending OGIO 180 moto stand is turning the industry on its head. Unlike previous stands where you had to lift the back of the bike onto the stand, the OGIO 180 does the lifting for you. The rider simply pushes the bike forward and the OGIO 180 does the rest. As the front tire rolls through the framework, the stand rotates 180 degrees and engages and lifts the bike onto the stand. To take the bike off, simply pull the bike back and the OGIO 180 will reverse the motion. Now you’re ready to roll.

The 180 degree Moto Stand is pretty simple. Push your bike through the stand and it rotates to automatically to lift the bike with no need to use your post moto weak and shaky arms to lift at all.

According to source from Internet, this product is selling at MSRP$99.95.

I have downloaded a video of 180 degree Moto Stand from YouTube and share with you.

This is simply one cool, innovative, practical and yet simple design.

I wonder when i will have a idea to design something which is simple, practical, innovative and most important something COOL…..

Maybe sleep more this weekend will help.

Have a nice weekend, my friend!

~ah lau~