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With using SOLIDWORKS, it increases the speed when doing the drawing in 3D.

With using SOLIDWORKS, it increases the speed when doing the drawing in 3D.

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About P.I.E. Eratech Sdn Bhd

P.I.E. Eratech Sdn Bhd (formerly known as PIE Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd) was incorporated on May 2008. The Company’s principle activities are relating to the mechanical engineering, manufacturing, automation, and also secondary process businesses.

The core activity is to provide engineering solutions of product manufacturing and production for customers. Activities include: Design & Fabrication of Jigs & Fixtures, Precision Mechanical Parts, Metal & Plastic Parts Modification for OA manufacturer  Custom-made or Semi-auto equipment.

The company’s mission is to provide high quality products & cost effective solution with prompt services to the customers. Customers satisfaction is our priority and we will be always working together with customer as manufacturing partner. All outputs are ensured at high quality standard & functioning to expectation, by our team.


  • Customer provided them with 3D file as they need to draw in 2D, which is time consuming when draw the isometric with previous CAD solution.
  • Difficult to detect the design error.
  • Customer request for 3D drawing.


Faster respond on technical support / SOLIDWORKS training helps the user in polishing their skill which helps on their daily task.




Die Casting and Machining of Precision, Aluminium Alloy Products

Product Implemented

SOLIDWORKS Standard & SOLIDWORKS Professional


  • 30% increase of the efficiency and shorten the design cycle
  • 20% increase of the sales profit
  • Reduced design error

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