Innovative Plastech, Inc.

“From design and production to cost and customer interaction, SOLIDWORKS tools help us achieve our product evelopment goals.”

Denny Bahl, Engineering Manager.

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About Innovative Plastech, Inc.

Many consumer product manufacturers depend on custom, thermoformed product solutions from Innovative Plastech, Inc. (IPI). The Illinois-based custom thermoformer of plastic vacuum-formed products also provides custom packaging solutions to many other industries. From customized shipping trays, form-fit clamshells, and anti-static packaging to trifolds and blister packs for hardware, electrical components, toys, food, tools, and cosmetics, IPI is a major supplier of superior thermoformed products and tooling.

IPI is committed to leveraging the latest technology to develop the tooling it uses to produce custom thermoformed products. According to Engineering Manager Denny Bahl, that commitment prompted IPI to upgrade its design platform from AutoCAD® 2D software to a 3D CAD system in 2002.

After evaluating 3D packages, IPI chose SOLIDWORKS solutions, implementing SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium design software. The thermoformer selected SOLIDWORKS software because it’s easy to learn and use, provides robust surface modeling and mold development tools, and integrates well with the SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner applications MasterCAM® for manufacturing and DezignWorks® for reverse engineering.

Greater Productivity Boosts Throughput

Since implementing SOLIDWORKS solutions, IPI has realized a 50 percent increase in development throughput while delivering highly customized form-fitting packaging to its customers.

Surfacing And Mold Design Tools Increase Accuracy

Not only has the SOLIDWORKS implementation enabled IPI to boost productivity, it also has allowed the thermoformer to improve design accuracy, reducing material usage and rework.




Thermoformed Product Design


SOLIDWORKS Professional design, SOLIDWORKS Premium design and analysis, and free DraftSight 2D software.


  • Increased throughput by 50 percent
  • Reduced scrap material exponentially
  • Improved effectiveness of customer communications
  • Eliminated 2D costs related to laser cutting

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