Faber-Castell Malaysia

SOLIDWORKS provide flexible and stable feature history. Changes and modification can be done very easily

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About Faber-Castell Malaysia

Faber-Castell Malaysia was established in 1978 and it commenced production of natural rubber and PVC-FREE erasers back in 1980. Over the course of the years, it developed into one of the largest eraser manufacturer in the world producing over 500 million pieces of erasers a year. In 1993, a new factory was built in Subang Jaya near Kuala Lumpur. Apart from being the first producer in Malaysia to manufacture writing instrument with GEL technology, this production facility started manufacturing refillable markers and highlighters in 2010 in addition to erasers.


  • Users need to save a lot of back up files
    Without proper feature inserted into the model during the designing stage, the file is easy to corrupt. The process to recover file is hard and time consuming.
  • Software not flexible
    It is very time consuming when doing complicated profile design. A lot of definitions need to be defined first.
  • Do not have proper feature history
    Hard to do modification, there is a need to study the whole design process to do modification, even for small changes


IME provide good technical support. My problem is solved by their instance support. The fast response time and well trained technical support shows their professionalism when troubleshooting my problem.

IME provide one-stop solutions. IME not only selling cad software, but provided other engineering services like reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. Wither their rapid prototyping services, we can do the fitting test easily.




Plastic design

Product Implemented



  • Shorten the time consumption on editing the model design.
  • Increased the performance, as SolidWorks reduce the probability of having technical problem regarding the software.
  • Easier to adapt and master the software, as the command tools and user interface are straight forward and simple.
  • Lower design error, as each part is interlinked therefore when one part has some changes done, others part will automatically change accordingly.

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