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“Innovation should not only be applied to Engineering Designs; It should also be adopted throughout the product lifecycle, including the design methods and processes. Being Innovative helps us maintain our edginess”

KS Yew, Technical Design Manager

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About Symphony Manufacturing & Services Sdn Bhd

Incorporated in June 2011, Symphony Manufacturing & Services Sdn Bhd is led by a young, dynamic team with 15 years of engineering and fabrication experience in the oil and gas downstream distribution and aluminum industries.

Our strength lies in our talented and diversified professional workforce led by a dedicated management team. We continue to build on our track record of high quality, reliability and experience to deliver results beyond our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Adopting Innovation in the design process

Design Automation – Design templates can be created easily where engineers can customise and pre-define parameters. Tools such as Driveworks Xpress help engineers to automate model and drawing generation of modular designs easily. By defining the parameters such as length, height and width, SOLIDWORKS can generate a complete set of detailed drawings within a few seconds.

All-in-One Solution – Engineers are able to complete the design all in one platform, including stress analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, design complex piping using SOLIDWORKS Routing, automate the modular design with Driveworks Xpress, and also generate presentable 3D images with SOLIDWORKS Photoview.


With their long establishment and experienced professional service, it gives us the confidence to deal business with.



Manufacturing, Service & Maintenance, Engineering Solution


SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Professional


  • Eliminate error 100%.
  • 50% time reduction in design cycle.
  • Save design time on repeated order by 50%

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