Best Monday, everyone.. welcome to Tyler’s Monday Glance Time. Due to the expeditious technology development, the machine to print a 3D object is not longer necessary to be a huge machine. It can be now put in your bedroom, on your table.. of course a normal sized table will do. Please allow me to present, the.. Solido SD300 printer~

Solido – 3D printer on the desk, create a design and hold it in your hands without leaving your desk!
Willy Verginer – Italian woodcarvers Willy Verginer creates simply awesome artistic wooden sculptures.
Rocket VW Bettle – A Volks Wagen Bettle features with Rocket , crazy yet cool~
Sony Rolly – Rolly was an egg-shaped digital robotic music player made by Sony, combining music functions with robotic dancing.
The Last Airbender Final Japanese Trailer – Avatar: Last Airbender now is moved to 3D. It gonna rock your eyes~