Aloha~ Good Monday, Tyler do feel great to see you all again~ Today, I’m gonna highlight on the micro/nano robot design which inspired from animals, insects and bugs. On the other hand, i will show you some researching on Cyborg insects technology, means how to control insects by using some signals or electronics device.. It’s scary!!! Try to imagine.. just one day, even a housefly which flying around us could be a spy to trespass our privacy~ OMG.. Be prepare for your pesticide~~;)

DragonFly Robot Micro UAVs – Israel is developing a robot the size of a hornet to attack terrorists. This might be the prototype..

Hex Bugs Nano – Okay, so it isn’t as artsy as making gooey bugs in a miniature oven, but HexBug’s little micro-robotic tchotchkes are a good time in their own right.
MTRAN3 – Although this project was about 2 years ago, but still i were very impressed. Kinda transformer feel!!
Cyborg insects – Scary~ scary~ scary~ Watch some cyborg insects that are being developed and see a robot controlled by a moth.

Robots inspired by animals – Robotics researchers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration. Watch a robotic salamander, a water strider robot, mechanical cockroaches and some cool self-configuring robots.