Ladies and gentlemen~ welcome to my Monday Glance Time, I’m Tyler here. Today I’m going to give you something about Flexible and Extendible. Due to the increasing of population, the earth’s resources become more and more insufficient including the living space. Therefore, flexibility and extendibility is one of the current trend for product design. If you pay more attention, you may found that there’s lots of furniture designed in great flexibility and extendiblity available in market, for us to better manage our limited living space. Let’s look at them~~

FlexibleLove – Demo 1, Demo 2 – this is definitely a great and revolution design, its size is smaller than 1 normal chair, but cup to 16 persons may sit on it!!
UberStix – This is an amazing toy which is made by recycled materials, and it is a great competitor to Lego~
XPand – It is an extraordinarily simple and yet complex design principle, which allows the actual wood of the table to expand and flex due to the slits in the wood itself.
Capstan Ilona expanding table – It is kinda artistic transformation for its expanding process~
Walking Table – You may move your table easily without causing much energy, because the table is able to walk.