Hi guys & gals, mr.Tyler’s Monday here again. Still remember the 3D printer that i introduced last week? Since we have 3D printer, there must be a 3D scanner to be introduced as well.. This Monday, i would like to highlight on the technology of reverse engineering, FaroArm, a measurement tool and it can be a 3D scanner on the other hand~

Faro Arm -To convert a real object into a 3D cad file is never a difficult job with Faro Arm.
Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Car -This is absolutely remarkable, a transparent car that you can see how the oil works inside of the engine.
CAD song -A song for CAD by They Might Be Giants.
Obscura Cuelight Pool Table -$200000, Is it worth of Fancy for the pool table?
Yanko Design -Fresh ur mind by looking at their creative design.