Hey guys~ I’m Tyler here, this is a brand new section, “Monday Glance Time”. This section is gonna share some interesting informations with you whatever about the 3D and products design. Just.. relax.. Here we go!

Bladeless Fan – Dyson’s magic? You must be freaking on me. A fan without blade, it’s impossible, come’on~
Doosan CX – It is a pretty cool concept. There must be alots of fun to manipulate it. WOo~
Hypershot – Hypershot is one of the partner software of SolidWorks. It is a rendering software. Also, it is quite famous now in western countries.
Colour Picker – Always suffering from hideous torment of what colours to apply on your products? Come and mix ur own set of colours.
Prince of Persia – It’s coming soon to captivate your senses with their fascinating 3D effects.